A Safer Tomorrow: Mission Firefighters Take Charge Of EMS

On the evening of January 24th, 2024, the Mission City Council convened. This session would mark a pivotal shift for the city’s emergency medical services where they made a history altering vote: the Mission Fire Department was to become the primary EMS provider, a role once filled by an external, private contractor.

Rewind a little bit to 2021. It was a year that witnessed the City of Mission’s bold stride towards enhancing community safety with the first ambulance being rolled into a Mission firehouse.

But the city council didn’t stop there. They went even further, bringing on board a team of dedicated emergency responders and pouring resources into top-tier EMS training. The fire department’s response to medical emergencies soon became a familiar and reassuring sight across Mission, marked by the addition of a second ambulance shortly after the first.

The Mission firefighters became a gleaming symbol of dedication and expertise in the midst of all the action and change. These highly trained individuals, with their unwavering dedication, were more than just responders; they were the city’s heartbeat.

Mike Silva, President of the Mission Fire Fighters Association IAFF Local 3609, emphasized this truth with conviction by stating, “The families and businesses of Mission deserve the best. We hold their safety as our sacred duty, and it is a trust we will always honor.”

As the echoes of change reverberate through the city, the Mission Fire Fighters continue to extend a reassuring hand to the community. “You are safe with us,” isn't just a thoughtful statement, but it is an honest truth proven by their actions, speaking louder than words. In this city, where every street, every family, and every home has their own unique story, your fire fighters continue to weave their own. It is forever one of unwavering commitment.

We're excited by this new vote and the promise it brings of dedicated, local emergency responders to our community. For your Mission Firefighters, their mission is clear: community safety provided by community professionals.

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