Mayor Ocana And Councilwoman Ochoa Turn Their Backs On Fire Fighters

A city budget workshop was held yesterday and pay increases were discussed. Fire Fighters were disappointed to learn that all city employees would be given pay increases except fire fighters because of strong opposition from Mayor O’Caña and Councilwomen Ochoa. However, Councilman Vela, Councilman Plata, and Councilwoman Garza were quick to respond to support fire fighters. In a 3-2 decision fire fighters will be included in a salary increase just like all city employees. This isn’t the first time Mayor O’Caña and Councilwomen Ochoa have been against fire fighters The political retaliation must stop. Thank you to Councilman Vela, Councilman Plata, and Councilwomen Garza for always supporting the men & women who put their lives on the line each and every day.

***Originally posted September 11, 2020