City Council Approves Leave To First Responders

During city council Monday afternoon city officials made a motion to direct city manager, Randy Perez to draft a policy covering 100 percent of all city employees salary when ordered to quarantine for the possible exposure to COVID-19 that occurred on the job. Fire Fighters work endless hours answering the call to duty, but its more than emergency calls that have us concerned. The men & women of the Mission Fire Department are on the front lines risking the health and safety of their own families. Knowing if contracted by COVID-19 we might expose our family is concerning especially if we didn't have leave that allowed us to miss work without pay. We are always willing to do our job which sometimes are ugly, but also expect the city officials to take care of it's first responders. Thank you to our city officials for taking on this measure and doing whats right for all city employees.

***Originally posted April 14, 2020