Mission Fire Fighters Respond To Threats From Hollis Rutledge Through Local Attorney

MISSION, Texas, June 19, 2020 – The following statement was issued by the Mission Fire Fighters Association in response to threats of litigation by the Law Office of Horacio Peña, Jr.,

“Mission firefighters proudly deliver excellent service, are good stewards of city resources, and we give back to the community.

“We will never back down from advocating for public safety and a strong fire department. Whether on the fire ground, at city hall, or at the state capitol, we will fight for what we believe is right – including national fire safety standards, cooperation with city officials on fire department issues, and a safe, fair workplace.

“Our advocacy at Mission City Hall led to a threatening letter full of baseless allegations from Mr. Rutledge through his attorney, Horacio Peña, Jr., threatening our organization with wasteful, meritless litigation. This will only bring more attention to the serious, underlying issues addressed during the public comment part of the city council meeting at issue.

“On the advice of our legal counsel, we remind both Mr. Rutledge and Mr. Peña that Mission firefighters, like all Mission citizens, are free to speak about city council actions or anything on the council agenda. No apology is forthcoming.”

-Robert Lopez

View Message from Law Office of Horacio Peña, Jr HERE

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***Originally posted June 18 2020